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Wales Rug Spa picks your rug up right from your door, cleans it with expert care, and then delivers it to your house.

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Rugs Can Last Hundreds of Years

Most Do Not. Common Problems Destroy Textiles

Did you know, a wool rug can hold as much as 10 kg of abrasive dirt without looking dirty? Before you think there’s a problem that dirt is grinding against the fibres of the rug, ripping through it one thread at a time. This is just one problem that most people do not realise is affecting their textile until it is too late. The following video describes some of the most common, but least understood, problems faced by rug owners. This will help inform you as to when and why you should bring in your rug immediately to an immersive rug cleaner.

How Our Professional Rug Cleaning Differs

Wales Rug Spa makes the process of maintaining a family heirloom incredibly convenient. Just schedule a pickup time with us, and we will pick up your rugs directly from your home at a designated time. We will then professionally clean, repair, and maintain your rugs and deliver it right back to your door. Easy as that!

Locations We Pick Up and Deliver Rugs To

We have professional rug cleaning locations in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, and Carmarthen and surrounding suburbs. Our shipping service delivery system can also accept rugs from the entirety of Wales, UK. Call us for details.

When I Absolutely Need Immersive Rug Cleaning

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When there’s Heavy Pet Urine on the Rug

Pet urine enters the fibres hot which can disrupt the set dyes, often causing the colours to run and ruin the rug. If left in the textile, the urine can also stain the fibres. The salts in the urine also attract bugs and can draw moisture, leading to rot and decay. Learn more about pet urine below.

Learn More About Pet Urine Damage
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If the Rug is in a High Traffic Area for a Year

Wool fibres are designed to hold and an incredible amount of soil. This is a blessing for hiding dirt but a curse for the textile. Without the owner ever knowing, the textile can accumulate up to 20 pounds of abrasive grains that shred the wool or silk fibres. This damage is irreversible.

Learn About Damage Caused by Dirt
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If Your Textile Was Soaked in Water

If your textile has been fully submerged in water than you might be in trouble. Water causes many prominent issues including moulding, dye bleed, textile misshaping, fibre rot, and others. If your textile has been submerged for any length of time bring it in for immediate rapid moisture removal.

Learn About the Hazards of Water Damage

Rug Cleaning and Repair Services

Expert rug cleaning services in Cardiff, Wales and Swansea, UK

Immersive Area Rug Cleaning

Top-Rated Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

We provide expert area rug cleaning services for all types of textiles and fibre types. We are specialists in silk, viscose, wool, animal skin and even synthetic textiles. Learn more about our rug cleaning process on the following page or call us to talk to a specialist.

Learn More About Our Rug Cleaning Services
Rug Dyeing Colour Restoration Service, Cardiff, UK

Rug Dyeing Restoration Services

We Restore Colour Loss, Dye Bleed, and More

Rug dyeing is an internationally recognised method for restoring colour damage from sun fading, wear, and tear, or water damage. Dyeing helps to restore a textile to its original grandeur, often increasing the value and splendour of the textile. The world leader certifies us in colour restoration.

About Colour Restoration Services
Best Type of Rug Padding

Stain Prevention & Maintenance

Prevent Slippage, Stains, and Moth Damage

A rug underlay combined with rug cleaning can extend the life of your textile by preventing abrasive dirt from cutting through its fibres. It also prevents the textile from slipping on the floor. Paired with protectant which helps prevent permanent stains and moth repellent, your treasure will last for decades to come.

Prevent Abrasive Dirt Damage

Internationally Certified Specialists

What Makes Us Different from Other Rug Cleaning Businesses

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Dedicated Rug Cleaning Facilities and Equipment

We are not carpet cleaners that clean rugs – we are specialists. Our dedicated facilities allow us to provide top-rated rug cleaning in Wales, UK. We submerge the textile entirely in water and use state-of-the-art equipment to treat the fine textile fibres.

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Convenient Pick-Up and Delivery Service

There is nothing more convenient than handing your textiles off to our specialist within a certain time range or just leaving it on your porch for pick up and having it delivered right back to your door. If you live near our service area, we are the rug cleaners that meet your schedule!

See Our Pick Up and Delivery Service Area
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Wales Certified Colour Experts

We are certified international rug dyeing colour restoration experts. We can restore colour loss from sun fading, wear and tear, or water damage. Our dyes and airbrushing system are state-of-the-art. Each restoration combined with rug cleaning will leave your priceless textile looking refreshed and vibrant.

Learn About Colour Restoration

Frequently Asked Questions


We do not. We work with heavy machinery that we do not like people being around. Nevertheless, our system is more convenient for you, and it is something we believe you will love.

Once or twice a week Wales Rug Spa sends a van out of our locations to collect textiles from our customers. Within a specific timetable, we pick up your textile and bring it back to our shop for cleaning. We then deliver it back to your door.

You may leave your textile on your porch, and we will pick it up. If you do not feel comfortable with that, then we will try to work around your schedule to make sure we can pick it up at a time that works for both of us.

Once you experience the level of convenience, you will fall in love with Wales Rug Spa.

Each rug that we clean is done so with special consideration. We check the textile for colourfastness and other potential points of weakness and document any stains, damage, or blemishes before we begin work.

We also tailor our cleaning products to the individual rugs needs. Although we a state-of-the-art rug bath for most rugs, we also have a rug pit that we designed for textiles that require special attention.

Lastly, we have all the expertise to deal with specific considerations. For example, if you have a traditional Bokhara, you may be worried about dye bleed. Fortunately, we are experts in colour restoration.

All rugs are safe at Wales Rug Spa.

Our minimum for rug cleaning services is 60£. Our expert service is for owners of hand-knotted treasures or individuals seeking to prolong the life of a household favourite. Some people may be best suited just shopping another cheap textile, but for all people looking to preserve a family heirloom, the annual cost of cleaning is a small price to pay.

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Locations and Service Areas

Cardiff, Wales

62 Llwyn Castan, Cardiff, CF23 7DB
Tel: 029 2167 3522

Hours of Operation: Mo-Fr 8AM-6PM

More About Cardiff Service Area

Wales Rug Spa services the beautiful city of Cardiff and metro area. We serve all cities around the M4 highway and A48.