Gentle Carpet Dusting Procedure

Automated Persian Carpet Dusting You Can Trust

We use a machine that is designed explicitly for Persian or Oriental carpet dusting. We feed the textile through the device which houses 38 flexible beating belts. This removes the maximum amount of dirt, sand, and soil while protecting the fibers from damage.

How to remove dirt from a rug
Removing dirt from a rug at our Cardiff, Wales location

Fully Immersive Carpet Cleaning

Deep Immersion for Maximum Fiber Penetration

Unlike most Oriental and Persian carpet cleaning facilities, we have both an immersion pit and an entirely dedicated wash machine for immersive cleaning. This gives the best wash for most textiles but allows us to handle silk, viscose, and other specialty carpets individually.

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Immersive rug cleaning process in Swansea Wales

Water Extraction and Grooming

Rapid Water Extraction to Prevent Warping

Our water extraction system rapidly removes moisture to prevent the shape of the carpet from warping. The Persian carpet is then put onto racks to dry until the carpet is completely devoid of moisture. It is then groomed to ensure an even pile and is then rolled up and packaged.

Removing water from a rug in Swansea, Wales location
Drying an Oriental Rug

Internationally Certified Specialists

What Makes Us Different

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Dedicated Persian Carpet Cleaning Facilities

We are not all-purpose cleaners – we are textile cleaners specifically. Our specialized cleaning facilities allow us to provide top-rated Persian carpet cleaning in Wales, UK. We submerge the carpets entirely in water and use state-of-the-art equipment to treat the fine fibers.

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Convenient Pick-Up and Delivery Service

There is nothing more convenient than handing your carpets off to our specialist within a certain time range or just leaving it on your porch for pick up and having it delivered right back to your door. If you live near our service area, we are the carpet cleaners that meet your schedule!

Our Pick Up and Delivery Service Area
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Wales Certified Carpet Dyeing Colour Experts

The world leader in textile dyeing certifies us in colour repair work. We aim to be the world leader in fine textile colour restoration services. These include dye bleed restoration, colour restoration, and other fantastic carpet colour restoration services.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We determine an approximate period to come to pick up the carpet over phone or email. You can either leave the carpet on your porch or hand it off to us – your choice! We usually pick up carpets once or twice a week depending upon the needs of our clients.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to provide the best and most gentle clean to your Persian and Oriental carpets.

In situations where a specific rug has unique considerations, we can tailor our cleaning to that individual rug with the secondary cleaning system found on this page.

Our carpet cleaning services start at 60£. We understand this may be a lot for someone just looking to get a store-bought carpet cleaned; for these individuals, it may be best to buy a new cheap carpet. We provide expert services that clean, preserve, restore, repair, and maintain rugs for generations to come. If this is your goal then you probably already know that the cost of annual cleaning is a small price to pay for the joy of maintaining a family jewel.

We service all carpet fibers and types. These include:

Bokhara • Kilim • Flat Weave • Silk • Viscose • Rayon • Wool • Persian • Turkish • European • Indian and more

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Locations and Service Areas

Cardiff, Wales

62 Llwyn Castan, Cardiff, CF23 7DB
Tel: 029 2167 3522

Hours of Operation: Mo-Fr 8AM-6PM

More About Cardiff Service Area

Wales Rug Spa services the beautiful city of Cardiff and metro area. We serve all cities around the M4 highway and A48.