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We Treat Running Dyes and Restore Colours

Has urine caused your textile’s dyes to bleed? Did Sun fade your textiles colours? Bad stains keeping it from looking great? Bleach damage?

If there is any colour related issue from stains to bleaching, we can help. We use state-of-the-art software to document the colours present in the fibres and then mix custom dye formulas designed to dye the textile to the perfect colour.

Common Problems Rug Dyeing Solves

1) Restoring colour loss. All textiles lose colour over time from wear and tear and sun bleaching. We can restore the vibrancy of your masterpiece. 2) Bleach on rug damage. If you have spilt bleach on your rug, we can restore the colour loss. 3) Stain Matching. If you have permanent stains we can often redye your entire textile to blend in the damage.

Common Problems Dye Stripping Solves

1) Dye bleed. If you have dyes that have bled onto lighter areas of the fibres we can help remove them. 2) Stain removal.  If you have dyes or colour pigments in your textile we can remove them meticulously.

FAQs About Rug Dyeing and Colour Repair

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How Does Rug Dyeing Restoration Work?

All wool and silk fibres are dyed in the beginning – as rug dyeing experts we are trained to dye textile fibres after being knotted. We use state-of-the-art technology to determine the colours currently in the threads and what colours are needed to bring the textile to the original colour.

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How Does Rug Dyeing Affect Your Textile’s Value?

How much is a priceless textile if it has a large bleach spot on it? What if it has lost all of it’s colour to sun fading? If it’s heavily stained? In all cases, dyeing restores the vibrancy of the colours and reminds potential buyers of the glory and grandeur of your beautiful textile.

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How Long Does Rug Dyeing Restoration Take?

The amount of time it takes to restore the colour or fix colour damage on a priceless textile depends on the size and value of the rug. Typically the restoration can be completed between 7 and 20 business days. Colour correction is an art form that you do not want to rush.

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Rug Dyeing and Colour Correction Services

Rug colour restoration in Cardiff, Wales, and Swansea, Wales

Sun Fading Colour Restoration

Restore the Vibrancy of a Hand-Knotted Textile

If your textile faded and looking dull, we can help. Whether the damage is from abrasive dirt, the suns UV rays, or ingress water damage, we can restore the textile to its original colours and vibrancy. We can even use custom colours to make the design your own beautiful creation.

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Fixing colour damage on an oriental rug in Cardiff, Wales

Fugitive Dye Colour Correction

We Strip Dyes that Have Bled into Lighter Areas

Many traditional hand-knotted textiles use dyes that are susceptible to running. If you have had pet urine on your textiles or ingress water damage, the dyes in the fibres may have bled. If this happens, give us a call. We can strip the dyes in the lighter areas and colour correct the permanent areas.

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Bleach on rug repair in Cardiff, UK, and Swansea, Wales locations

Bleach on Rug Damage Repair

We restore “bleach stains” known as bleach spots

If you spill peroxide, bleach, or household cleaners on your textile, do not call a regular cleaner. Bleaching removes colour from the fibres; it cannot be ‘cleaned out.’ Do not panic, though. Give us a call and send the textile our way. Our rug dyeing techniques can restore your masterpiece to its original colour.

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Certified By the World Leader in Rug Dyeing

Wales Rug Spa is trained and certified by Chris Howell – the industry leader in rug dyeing colour restoration. Chris Howell has restored textiles for the United States White House and textiles in palaces throughout Dubai. Over the course of his career, he has restored countless textiles all around the world and has worked to become a leader in restoration courses. We aim to become experts of Howell’s calibre and level of excellence. Learn more about Chris Howell here.

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