An Underlay Extends a Rugs Life

What a Rug Underlay Does and Why You Need One

As discussed in The Dangers of Dirty Rugs page, abrasive dirt easily cuts through fibres when built up.

A rug underlay allows the dirt to pass through the wool fibres into the padding and it also helps to prevent the textile from slipping on either carpet flooring or hardwood/tile surfaces. Read the page to learn more about the value of a good rug underlay.

Padding developed to prevent your rug from slipping on hardwood flooring
Duel sided rug padding for carpet and hardwood flooring

When Should I Consider a Rug Underlay?

When You Have a Pet That Periodically Makes a Mess

As explained thoroughly in the What Urine Does to Rugs page, pet urine can cause a slew of significant problems for a textile. Underlays prevent much of this damage by allowing the urine and salts to settle in the padding instead of the wool fibres. Although this is not enough to stop the damage it mitigates damage effectively.

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If You Have the Textile On a Hard Flooring

If your textile is on hardwood or tile than both yourself and the fibres are in danger. Smooth surfaces can cause the textile to slip which is a danger to yourself and others; underlays prevent slippage by gripping to the floor. Additionally, hard surfaces lack cushion which can cause the fibres to wear and breakdown from dirt.

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If the Textile is in A High Traffic Area

Underlays are designed to prevent wear and tear on your beautiful textiles. If you have a textile in a high traffic area than abrasive dirt causes the dyes to fade which results in a dull appearance. Underlays also prevent fibre damage by preventing the dirt from grinding between a hard surface and the wool fibres.

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Problems a Rug Underlay Helps to Prevent

Rug underlay prevents fibre damage
Why is my rug faded?
Rug pet stains removal in Cardiff, Wales and Swansea, Wales
Dyes that have run after water damage getting repaired in Cardiff, Wales
What attracts moths to rugs?
Padding Supplied by Wales Rug Spa locations in Cardiff and Swansea

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