Water Damage is the Worst.

Water exposure can cause severe problems for wool textiles. The moisture can cause the wool to rot, mould, or brown, all of which can be permanent and irreversible problems. The water can also cause the dyes to bleed and run into the lighter areas of the design. Lastly, the moisture can cause the wool to cling to itself, much like a suit in a washing machine, causing its shape to become deformed. To avoid these issues, send in the textile for immediate servicing.

How We Restore Water-Related Damage

Fixing Misshapen Rugs

Rugs become misshapen when the scales on the wool fibres cling together. To separate the threads, we use a power stretcher to reshape the textile and then staple it to wood blocks. Once reshaped we then push water through the wool to loosen the fibres.

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Dye Bleed Restoration: Colour Correction

Sustained water exposure can unsettle organic dyes used in traditional hand-knotted textiles. If this happens, the dyes may “bleed” into the lighter areas of the rug. If this occurs, we heat a wool-safe dye stripping solution to the textile meticulously one small section at a time.

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Mould and Bacteria Damage

Sustained water exposure can invite bacteria and mould into the textile. When this happens, it can cause staining, fibre damage, and extremely foul odours.  For occurrences such as these, we use anti-bacterial and anti-mould treatments in the rugs. We are specialists when it comes to textiles.

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Rug Water Damage Restoration Services

Restretching a warped rug at our Swansea, Wales location

Rug Blocking and Reshaping

Restoring the Shape of Your Priceless Rug

As described above, we restore priceless Oriental rugs to their original shape after water damage has caused the fibres to cling together. The process is harmless to the textile and is guaranteed to restore the original form of the rug. Watch the video below to see the process in action.

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Dye bleed on a rug - dyes staining the rug

Dye Stripping Services

If You Have Dyes that Have Bled we Can Strip Them

We use specialised wool safe dye stripping chemicals to remove excess dyes safely. Dyes are not permanent unless you wait until the dye sites are saturated and settled. If you notice that the dyes have bled, give us a call immediately, and we will strip the excess colour from the textile.

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Removing moisture and water from an Oriental Rug

Rapid Moisture Extraction Service

Removing Water Efficiently Prevents Shape Distortion

Artisans often make rugs with multiple types of fibres. As a result, they dry at different lengths of time which can cause the shape or pile of the textile to warp. The built-up moisture can also lead to browning, mould, or foul odours from bacteria. Rapid moisture extraction prevents these problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The first step in the rug water damage restoration process is to clean the rug. Depending on if there is mould or bacteria, we tailor our cleaning formula to your rugs needs. We then work on reshaping, colour correction, or any other service that your textile may need.

Restretching is a process that generally takes between 2-3 weeks. Water damage restoration is a process that requires ample energy. If the water damage restoration process involves colour correction, that number may be longer.

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