Pet Urine Is Destructive To Rugs

The Three Ways Pet Urine Ruins Priceless Rugs

People often believe that the biggest threats from pet urine are staining and odor. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Pet urine contains salts that soak into the fibers of textiles. These salts attract bugs that eat the fibers. The salts also attract moisture which can cause the rug to rot. Lastly, it enters the fibers hot which can destabilise the dyes causing them to run and ruin your textile. Learn more about each situation in the following section.

What attracts moths to rugs?
Pet urine smell removal for rugs in Cardiff and Swansea, Wales

Why You Should Clean Pet Urine Out of Your Rug

Urine Attracts Bugs and Moths

Moths and other bugs are attracted to the salts from pet urine. This is a major problem because moths eat wool, a well known ailment faced by owners of suits and other fine clothing. Leaving urine in wool can attract bugs. If this happens it will be eaten away until there is major holes in it.

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Mould, Rot, and Shape Deformity

If you start to see small holes in the wool, you either have a moth problem or you have waited too long to get your textile cleaned. To check for this type of damage, hold the cloth up to the light. If there is an unusual amount of light peering through you should give us a call.

Learn About Moisture Damage
Running Dyes and Pet Stains on Rugs

Pet urine stains rugs quickly. This is because it goes on hot which helps the dyes in the urine stick to the fibres. Additionally, the heat from the stream can also destabilise the existing dyes in the wool causing them to run onto lighter areas. This can completely ruin your textile.

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Visualising the Unbelievable Amount of Urine Wool Holds

Wool Can Hold a Ton of Urine

The Pet Stain is Gone but the Battle is Only Half Won

Most people do not realise the amount of urine that a rug can hold. If you wait until you see pet stains on the textile you will be surprised by the level of damage that may be occurring underneath the surface.

This video shows a textile with pet stains going through our rapid moisture removal centrifuge. As you can see there is a truly unsettling amount in the rug before we even start our step-by-step process.

Professional rug urine removal in Cardiff, Wales and Swansea, Wales

Internationally Certified Specialists

What Makes Us Different

Specialty Pet Urine Removal Equipment

We have specialised equipment and chemicals designed to eliminate pet stains on your rug and also extract any excess salts. A simple steam cleaner is not enough to extract the salts from the pet urine stain on your textile, nor is it advised.

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Complete Immersion Urine Removal System

Removing the pet stain is only half the battle. Once the stain is gone it is imperative that all excess urine and salts are completely removed from the rug. The full immersion bath that we offer is the best system for completely achieving this task.

Press to Get the Pet Stains Out for Good
Internationally Certified Experts

The business holds certifications in washing and restoration from experts all around the world. Most of these certifications have required us to travel to the other side of the world. We are proud of our certifications and truly believe that it is what makes us different.

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